15th Pokhara Street Festival – 2013

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“Eat on the Street, Dance on the Street and Enjoy on the Street!”

Yep, this is the slogan for the ‘street’ festival organized by Restaurant and Bar Association of Nepal (REBAN). Maybe in a few years, they can add ‘Sleep on the Street’ as well. Not a bad idea though – all you need is sleeping bags and tents.

15th-pokhara-street-festival-foodThe annual five-day event (Dec 28 – Jan1) has more than 200 restaurants serving the visitors on around 3-km long open road stretch of the Pokhara’s streets – from Lake Side-based Fishtail gate to Dihikopatan. The festival is also felt along the Fewa Lake banks, especially in Basundhara Park.15th-pokhara-street-festival-culture

The festival is all about the street and if you love street food then there will be an array of food stalls with your favorite choices. As quoted by the Festival Coordinator the stalls will “serve the visitors with food as per their taste”. So get your taste buds rolling and do a litter souvenir shopping while you’re at it.

15th-pokhara-street-festival-souvenirThe Lake Side is the tourist hub in Pokhara and the decorations, lights, streamers and colorful banners will be awaiting your welcome every year. It is celebration time and people of Pokhara won’t disappoint. Even the Hotels and Restaurants are providing 10-15% discount on food and accommodation.


Moreover, there are also special discounts on adventure sports activities like paragliding, ultra light flights, and zip flyer, among others – cheers to you adventure junkies.

The Sports Schedule is as follows:

27th Dec – REBAN staff race- Jarebar- 8 am
29th Dec – Boat race – Basundhara park – 11am
29th Dec – Waiter Race – Bily Bunter Restaurent – 8am
30th Dec – Tug of War – Chilly bar – 12:30pm
30th Dec – Candle Race(kids) – Ratna Mandir – 4pm
1st Jan – Candle Race(adult) – Naya Ghat, Gaurighat – 3pm
1st Jan – Marble Spoon Race – Naya Ghat, Gaurighat – 3pm
1st Jan – Sausage Eating Competation – 2pm

Live Bands Schedule is as follows:

28th Dec – Ciney Grg N Band
29th Dec – Mukti N Revival
30th Dec – Sabin Rai N Electrix
31st Dec – The Axe, Nabin K. Bhattrai N Attripta, Robin N The New Revolution
1st Jan – Abhaya N The Steam Injuns

What’s more? Well if you fancy helicopter cruises and are posh enough, you can go for chopper flights over the Annapurna Range.

For those of you not staying at the Lake-Side, there is night bus service available from the festival site to different places of Pokhara – up to midnight during the entire festival and till 2:00 am on the 31st.


Whoo! With all the activities, good music and food lined up makes me envious of people in Pokhara. I may not be able to go this time but I sure hope you can share your comments about it on this blog.

Till my next party update keep the party spirit alive and a Happy New Year to all.

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15th Pokhara Street Festival – 2013
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