5 Most Scenic Trekking Routes in Nepal

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Offering world’s most spectacular mountain circuits in terms of climate, scenery and local culture, Nepal is indeed the destination for trekkers. With exciting tales of exploration in and around the majestic Himalayas, the steep terraced mountainsides, high altitude deserts and ancient villages set against the magnificent backdrop of the Himalayan range, it provides uniquely special trekking routes for all keen trekkers.

Whether you are a complete novice or an experienced veteran, there are plenty of trekking routes to take your pick from with choices ranging from most scenic Everest Base Camp to ever picturesque Poon Hill trek. So for all the walking enthusiasts who are in Nepal to discover the vivid trails, here is my list of 5 most scenic trekking routes in Nepal.

Everest Base Camp Trek:

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A classic Himalayan trek on the historic route, takes you to a place mere 3350 meters below the peak of the world’s highest mountain, to the base of Mount Everest. Following the course of the Dudh Kosi river (literal translation: River of Milk) and gradually climbing through forests of Rhododendron and Magnolia, the trek passes through some of the most breathtaking sceneries of the Himalayan region. On top of everything, the thrill and sense of accomplishment of experiencing the power and grace of the mighty Everest, from awe-inspiring height of 5,545 meters, numbs your senses with breathless admiration.

Annapurna Trek:

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Rated as one of the top ten treks in the world, Annapurna trek is a colorful foray in one of the most scenic regions of Nepal. Starting off from the lowland villages with warm weather, the trail gradually gains height and after several days of walk, you find yourself in the magnificent amphitheatre of Annapurnas. In almost every corner there is a tantalizing glimpse of the high mountains, tempting you with its beauty and nobility. Above all, the outstanding view of the sunrise, with the magical change of color, which they produce over Annapurna and Dhaulagiri range, is undoubtedly the bequest of Annapurna trip.

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek:

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Ghorepani Poon hill is the easiest of all Annapurna trekking routes, with a relatively gentle gradient. The trek begins from the riverside town of Nayapul, follows the river upstream passing through lowland forest trails, the green meadows, a small village and colorful Rhododendron forests. It finally ends in the pretty lakeside town of Pokhara. The highest point in the trek is Poon Hill,situated at an altitude of 3100m. It is one of the most spectacular spots on earth from where you get to view the Dhaulagiri massifs to the west,the Annapurna range and Machhapucchre to the north and the Manaslu range to the east.

This classic short trek in the wild is designed for those who like to have the taste of trekking, but do not have too much time to spare.

Langtang Trek:

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As wild as any Tibetan highlands with idyllic rural landscape, Langtang valley is described by early explorers of Nepal as the “most beautiful valley in Nepal”. The trail here is not quite as overrun by tourists as the Everest or the Annapurna and is surprisingly not too strenuous. Unrivalled for a spectrum of lush green valleys, fascinating villages and the snow-capped white Himalayas, this most accessible trekking region crosses no high passes yet offers the best high altitude scenery. It is best suited to one- or two-week long itineraries.

Mustang Trekking:

Forbidden to foreigners until 1992, Mustang trek is arguably the finest and the toughest trail in a windy, high and arid valley of Mustang. Characterized by eroded canyons and colorful stratified rock formations, this part of Nepal was a kingdom in itself not long ago.The region is less visited by tourists, mainly because it requires a special permit for foreigners, so the mountains and stunning scenery of the region has remained largely unaffected and the region jostles as one of the most scenic areas of Nepal for trekkers. The popularity multiplies every year mainly for its incomparable combination of historic and dramatic scenery. So, if you are made for challenges, you should definitely walk the uncharted trails of Mustang.

With 8 out of 10 world’s highest peaks, Nepal offers unparalleled trekking experience to every walking enthusiast. The choices here are plenty, so pick your destination as per your interest. But please do not go for the shorter version of itinerary, experience has taught us that you need to spend adequate days in the Himalayas in order to truly appreciate its majestic beauty and the dramatic scenery.


5 Most Scenic Trekking Routes in Nepal
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