5 must read books before trekking in Nepal.

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What does a trekker look for in a book! Well, I’m not sure if it’s the details about a route and a place, the pictures or past events. And this blog is not meant for persuasion.

It is a genuine attempt to present my list of five books that a trekker must read. It’s based on the details on the book, the reviews and ratings by the editors and the respective reader.

1. Lost In The Himalayas

lost in the himalayas

This book has got good reviews from almost all readers who have read it, courtesy: various social forums. The users of amazon.com rate it at an average of 4.5/5.

In 1991, James Scott, in terms of attempting to cross Laure binayak pass went missing for 43 days. This book captures all the activities revolving around this incident. It also includes a special section by Joanne Robertson, his elder sister, who had a significant role in the rescue process of James.

The book effectively captures the emotional intensity of James and his family members, the effort and support of the Nepali rescue team and the endurance shown especially by James’s sister Joanne throughout the incident.

A must read book for the trekkers!

2. Trekking in Nepal Himalaya, 2009

trekking in Nepal Himalaya
The book is the joint work of the authors Bradley Mayhem and Joe Bindloss and published by Lonely Planet Publications. With a trademark as such, a lot of expectations is obvious in nature.

It is a detailed guide to trekking. It has segments of description on all the possible routes, the environment, the planning required, stay facilities, health and safety, equipments, languages and what not!

With an average rating of 4.5/5 at amazon.com, it has got a lot of good reviews from the readers. It’s proved itself to be one of the most valuable assets for people who have already trekked or are looking forward to trek in Nepal.

3. Trekking in Nepal, 2011

trekking in nepal stephen b
“Trekking in Nepal is extremely useful in setting out the dos and don’ts of trek, including how to choose a trail, how to prepare, what to bring and what precautions to take.”
-    The New York Times

The review says it all.

Generations of trekkers have utilized this guide since it was first published in 1972. It’s a joint work by the authors Stephen Bezruchka and Alonzo Lyons and published by The Mountaineers Books.

With excellent editorial reviews from seattlebackpackersmagazine.com and the New York Time, its got an average rating of 4.5/ 5 by the readers at amazon.com.

4. Gaiety Of Spirit: The Sherpas Of Khumbu

gaitey of spirits -the sherpas of khumbu

“…the temperament and character of the Sherpas…have won them a large place in the hearts of the Western travelers. Their most enduring characteristic is their extraordinary gaiety of spirit.”
-    Eric Shiptop, British Himalayan Mountaineer

Writer and Naturalist Frances Klatzel spent her life living and working with the Sherpas in the Everest Region. She was the main figure responsible for the establishment of the Sherpa Cultural Center at Tengboche, the largest Buddhist monastery in the region.

The book took three decades in the making and infuses the experiences and understanding of Klatzel about Sherpa.

It’s got an average rating of 4.5/5 at both amazon.com and goodreads.com and great reviews from the readers and the editors.

5. The Great Himalayan Trail: A Pictorial guide

the great Himalaya Trail- Pictorial guide
The trek started from Annapurna Base Camp in the far east and ended at Api Mountain in the far west region of Nepal. It covered 1600 kilometers and took 162 days.

The book is a pictorial description of the journey made by Robin Boustead along the Great Himalayan Trail.

The pictorial guide contains 12 detailed color maps of every trekking region in Nepal, pictures of every mountain above 8000 meters in Nepal, 145 color pictures, the first ever inter-linked series of trekking maps for every mountain region, information about the main ethnic groups along the trail.

It received positive editorial reviews at various sites and an average rating of 4.5/5 at mandalabookpoint.com.

Now go out there and get a copy of any of these books. It’s a must read/ highly recommended stuff.

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5 must read books before trekking in Nepal.
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