7 Women in a Mission to Climb 7 Summits

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With the slogan of ‘Together We Reach Higher,’ team of seven Nepali women are on a mission to climb the highest mountain in each continent.  They have already scaled the world’s highest peak- Mt Everest and other highest peaks in Australia, Europe and Africa.

“We visit schools, involve in empowering outdoor collaboration with local women and learn about local environmental impact in each climb for fulfilling our dream i.e. waving the Nepali flag across the world and encouraging youth and women to go live that dream,” said one of the climber of the group.

She added, “Besides climbing we also visit schools, compile the knowledge gained in all 7 continents in educational material and distribute the materials to young students worldwide.”

The seven climbers are now in preparation to climb the remaining three peaks, Mt Vinson Massif in Antarctica, Mt Aconcagua in Argentina, South America and Mt Denali/McKinley in USA, North America by 2014.



They need USD 1 Million to climb the remaining three mountains and are starting the campaign with a target of USD 1,00,000, which is the budget required to climb Mt Aconcagua.

In each climb, they are supported by prominent organizations including Government of Nepal, Nepal Tourism Board, United Nations World Food Programme, Nepal Mountaineering Association, Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal, The North Face, Non-Resident Nepalese Association and Panchakanya Group in addition to local organizations.


They have already climbed four summits, reached more than 150 schools, addressed around 20,000 students and had empowering exchanges with over 50 women of different age groups and nationality.

Many international organizations and people are keen on collaborating with the group and the journey has been widely covered by the international media.


Though the primary mission was climbing, now it has become more like a platform to spread social messages, reach out to the most remote schools in the world and address audience in the most sophisticated setting.

The adventure of seven Nepali women has touched many lives already. From a village girl to an international icon, from an escapee of child marriage to a role model, from being deemed too ugly for marriage to an inspiration, they represent the women of today’s developing world and also welcome you to be a part of the glorious journey.

7 Women in a Mission to Climb 7 Summits
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