Asar 29: Bhanu Jayanti

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Bhanu Bhakata is considered as one of pillars of Nepali Literature, his contribution stands live testimonial to his dedication and perseverance that he had shown  towards Nepali Literature. Still today he is considered as one of the most profound and inspired poet. Nepali literature industry marks this shining star as the “Aadi Kabi” in recognition of his literary creations.

Similarly marking his contribution, Asar 29  the birth anniversary of Bhanu Bhakta Acharya is celebrated as a form of national festival. He is honored as a national luminary for his contribution in Nepali language and literature.

Born to a Brahmin family in 1814 at Chudiramgha of Tanahu, Bhanu Bhakta received education at home from his grandfather.  He led an ordinary life until he met a grass cutter (ghasi) who wanted to make well for people so he could be remembered after death. Inspired by ghasi’s deeds, Bhanubhakta determined to live with a purpose and serve Nepali literature.

He rose to fame for the translated version of spiritual Ramayana in Nepali when Nepali language was considered bastardized and limited only to speech. In earlier times, Sanskrit language dominated most of the written texts and had strong influence in Nepali language. By translating Ramayana, he made Nepali not only a living language but also the craft of prose-poetry writing with a degree of impeccable success. He played a crucial role in bringing Nepali literature from darkness to glare of publicity.


Every year Bhanu Jayanti is celebrated as a mega event with literary seminars, and programs and amid a remarkable presence of Nepalese writer, novelist and others. But the best way to honor the contribution of “Adikavi” is by uplifting Nepali literature around the world as it still lags behind as comparing to the other literature.

Bhanu Jayanti, the birthday of Nepali pioneer poet “Adikavi” Bhanubhakta Acharya, on July 13 is celebrated as a symbol of nationality by Nepalese who are in and outside the country.


Asar 29: Bhanu Jayanti
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