Backpack to Kathmandu

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The valley which was once, as is famously believed (with substantial evidence), a huge lake. Drained by Manjushree, the valley still worships the serpents that resided the city. Thus, in an ambience of myths and magic, formed Kathmandu. The city was once a powerful kingdom with the rulers squabbling (which we are now thankful for) to put up an aesthetic show in terms of art and architecture until a young, ambitious king from the West of Nepal came and conquered it all. The present day Kathmandu still carries an aura of reminiscence.
Today’s Kathmandu is vibrant and quirky. It is a place which makes reckless drivers, blaring horns, happy-go-lucky street vendors, dogs and cows-owned roads, smelly rivers and garbage all worthwhile. The chaotic sight will overwhelm you but, stay assured to step off the aeroplane into a mild, sweet weather. A budget tripper can travel all over the city in one of the local microbuses and hike to the greener outskirts. Small as it is, Kathmandu is best enjoyed when strolled around in, relaxed. Take the hippie destination of Thamel for instance- bustling and colourful with restaurants and bazaars.
For the best architectural experience, visit the sprawling ancient palaces and courtyards in Patan and Bhaktapur. For tranquillity and worship, visit the major temples like Budhanilkantha and stupas like Swayambhunath. After all, Kathmandu is a neat crossover of Hinduism and Buddhism .Come in during one of the festivals or ‘jatra’ to realize what ‘crazy’ feels like. Walk around in any part of the city, with a few exceptions, you will discover that the city is too chilled to hurry. Take your time to discover little alleys wherein play snot covered kids and rest old women in their traditional attire.
Talk about spicy, have a plate of dal-bhat-tarkari with your choice of ‘achaar’ tossed in. The flavors dancing in your mouth is exactly what Kathmandu feels like.

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Backpack to Kathmandu
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