5 Best Family Restaurants in Kathmandu

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The last time my father planned for a family dinner, we had to face a lot of issues.

Father,” Lets go to the X. I went there with my friends. Its pretty amazing”

Mother, “What! No, not the X. The waiters are rude. Let’s try Y”

Daughter,”Come on mom! They don’t have good desserts. We should go to Z”.

Son,” I don’t want to go. Little brother kept shouting and crying, the last time we went out. Its not fun eating out with a baby!”

Not very easy is it? A lot of things need to be considered while going for a family dinner. Complicated? I’m not sure, unless you have all the information.

I have created a list of five restaurants that I consider to be ideal for family dinner. They give you services that’s exquisite and food that’s out of the world.


Nanglo- The Bakery Café

Nanglo-Bakery2It lands right on my family’s expectations. My dad loves BBQs, my mom- Nepali Lunch, my sister- Pizzas, hamburgers, fries and anything would do for me. There are very few restaurants that can satisfy each and every member of the group. Well, this is certainly, one of them.

You can choose to sit in the terrace with open air, watch the chef prepare your food through transparent kitchen and lots of other features make it a center of attraction. And, ultimately, the foooood! It has outlets in Boudha, Bhatbhateni, Dharahara , Gwarko, Jawalakhel, Maharajgunj, New Baneshwor, Pulchowk, Teendhara and Teku. So,choose the one that’s nearest to you and devour the items. I bet you would love it.


Alice restaurant

portfolio-6-bigRemember all those awkward moments when you’re in a pretty good restaurant and your child creates a scene. He shouts, throws food, makes unusual demands and worst of all, cries at the top of his voice. Now, imagine baby sitters for all the children and a room for them to play. You enjoy your meal, the baby enjoys the play, the son has no complains, everyone’s happy. Now, that’s big. Fresh and beautiful atmosphere, great food- really unique ones, ‘A’ grade service are few of its other essential features.

So, just enjoy the best and leave the rest!


Helena’s Restaurant

Untitled-3“That’s it. It’s so pretty on the roof! It’s like a little oasis from the chaos that is Kathmandu. Highly recommended.”

Well, it’s not me saying it, its tripadvisor.co.uk . Wait, there’s one more. Lonely planet considers visiting and eating here as the fourth out of 189 things to do in Kathmandu. Now with all these reviews and my personal favorite place for dessert Helena’s is certainly a place you can go with your family. I should warn you that the roof is about 4-5 storey high and there are no elevators. But the view and the food makes up for the effort.

Try something different here, maybe an Eggplant Lasagna with Pumpkin Soup or Roti with Chicken Kiev. The dessert is the best part of every meal and Helena’s Special Chocolate Cake or apple pie would be the perfect thing to share with your family.


Fire and Ice Restaurant

gallery-pic33-bigImagine an Italian family size pizza with your favorite toppings. Every member of the family sharing from the same and the best part, the pizza is world famous. Seems like a savory harness to me! The restaurant is a part of an international food chain and has received certifications by recognized Food Guides like the Kingfisher, Explo City, Burrp, The Miele and The Telegraph.

It’s not just popular for the pizzas but also for desserts and soups. So, now you don’t really have to be in Italy to get the tastes of these savories. Check this place by treating yourself and your family.



Roadhouse Cafe

untitle4Well, one of the things in my checklist is eating here with my little siblings. They crave for pizzas. But this time, they have the firewood twist waiting for them! I’m going to turn this into a hell of a family treat. Firewood Pizza is their specialty. It has got 4/5 rating in many surveys conducted by tripadvisor.co.uk. You also get great soups, fresh salads and yummy desserts here.

Great ambiance, good service and a perfect place to be with your family. Now, you can always ask yourself whether to go to these places or experiment with some place unknown.


There’s nothing wrong with experimenting. But if I were you, I would try these places first. 5 out of 5 stars! Highly recommended!


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5 Best Family Restaurants in Kathmandu
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