Religious Masks: A Cultural Treasure Chest Bursting With Legacy!

religious masks cover

Religious masks are cultural heritage of Nepal. They can be seen at shops near religious places or at every tourist destinations. Shops donning these masks show us how rich a culture is and the significance of its traditions which has been passed down from generation to generation. These traditional masks belonging to various ethnic groups Read more

Rato Machhindranath Jatra: Experience of a Lifetime!

rato machhindranath cover

It’s truly an amazing sight to behold! The 32 haat (hands) long chariot beautifully decorated, inside which resides the god of rain Rato Machhindranath in its small abode. And to see this huge chariot sometimes even towering over houses by the side of the road being pulled by hundreds of men is an awesome moment. Read more

Festivals of Everest

Dumje Festiva

Anyone who has been on the Everest Base Camp Trek, especially from October to February, knows- how Khumbu transforms itself in the festive season from, the otherwise, dull and snowy region to an ever sparkling land of noisy and drunk inhabitants! Famous for being the home of the tallest set of mountains in the world, Read more

Telling the Epic Story: Dharhara a World Heritage Site

Recognized as the world heritage site by UNESCO, Dharhara or Bhimsen Stambha is part of the ancient architectures of Kathmandu.  Flaunting the richness of the European deign, the 61.88m tower symbolizes the strength and power of then regime.   Originally constructed in the year 1826 by Bhimsen Thapa, recognized as the first prime minister of Read more

A Tale Of The Brave – Nepalese Gurkhas


  Gurkhas- The indigenous warriors of Nepal, the brave that had the courage to take over the world, Khukuri (a wickedly curved large Knife/Nepalese weapon) and so many other things come to our minds that can justly associate with this term. The term Gurkha (commonly known as Nepali Gorkha/Gurkha) is derived from the Hindu warrior Read more