Festivals of Everest

Dumje Festiva

Anyone who has been on the Everest Base Camp Trek, especially from October to February, knows- how Khumbu transforms itself in the festive season from, the otherwise, dull and snowy region to an ever sparkling land of noisy and drunk inhabitants! Famous for being the home of the tallest set of mountains in the world, Read more

6 Reasons to go for Kangchenjunga trek


Now, if you think you can handle the Kangchenjunga trek, let me tell you ‘why you SHOULD go for Kangchenjunga trek: i)    Less crowded: Unlike main- stream trek routes, approximately, only 500 tourists (presumably the hardcore) visit Kangchenjunga Conservation Area every year. Lucky- if you are a hipster-hardcore! Better go for it before it becomes Read more

Nepal “Perfect Spiritual Destination”

Meditation: As Osho said  “meditation is nothing but an effort to look at reality without the mind.”  It is universal and transcends all divides like religion, country and culture. It is a gift given to mankind to access the infinite spirit not limited by any identity. It is the only tool that can aid a Read more

Trekking in Nepal-Life on Trail


An Overview of Trekking in Nepal! You can never say you have been to Nepal until you’ve experienced the country on foot.  The more time and effort you spend on walking, the more rewarding experience you get in the Himalayas. The walk at higher altitudes and trails out in the wilderness, with the periods of Read more