Telling the Epic Story: Dharhara a World Heritage Site

Recognized as the world heritage site by UNESCO, Dharhara or Bhimsen Stambha is part of the ancient architectures of Kathmandu.  Flaunting the richness of the European deign, the 61.88m tower symbolizes the strength and power of then regime.   Originally constructed in the year 1826 by Bhimsen Thapa, recognized as the first prime minister of Read more

Kathmandu and the City of Kings

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Kathmandu is the city of the kings who nurtured it with their craftsmanship, tradition and culture. The city is a live example of the richness of its cultural heritage which to this day testimonials its legacy. From the living goddess tradition to the architectural wonders of the durbars and temples, the Kathmandu city in-houses some Read more

Chitwan Jungle Safari

Imagine walking beside a Royal Bengal Tiger, a one horned rhino under your own steam, and a gharial crocodile just next to your dugout canoe. All these and many other wild species threatened with extinction, Chitwan Jungle Safari offers you a chance to enter into the virgin forest and view some of the rarest and Read more

Backpack to Kathmandu

The valley which was once, as is famously believed (with substantial evidence), a huge lake. Drained by Manjushree, the valley still worships the serpents that resided the city. Thus, in an ambience of myths and magic, formed Kathmandu. The city was once a powerful kingdom with the rulers squabbling (which we are now thankful for) Read more


The lure of adventure in high mountains is something that is almost irresistible to anyone who has tasted adventure, or even dreamt about, such places.  For decades, centuries even, men have been fascinated by the forbidding ramparts of ice and snow clad peaks, and the challenges in conquering them.  Many people do not get the Read more

Nepal Is

 A paradox of cold mountains and warm hearts:  Climbers from all over the world will find a world of their own in Nepal. You will begin and end your journey right here- from the beginner’s heights to the last destination, the highest peak on Earth, Mt. Everest. The Nepalese folks are famed to be humble, Read more

Human Existence in Lumbini Dates Back to 600 B.C.

Kathmandu Nepal:The human existence in Lumbini dates back to 600 B.C, 700 years before the birth of Gautam Buddha. A research that that took 3 years has confirmed the existence of the civilization with proofs that was jointly researched by UNESCO Kathmandu, Lumbini Development fund  and Durham University UK.  The study has lengthened Lumbini’s history and brought the new light in the Read more

Kathmandu- UltimateTravel Destination one of the world’s renowned travel website has listed Kathmandu as one of the top ten places to visit in Asia for 2013. Kathmandu has been listed as one of the most popular travel destination due to its historic sites, ancient temples, olden shrines, exotic culture, rich heritage, and famed hospitality. Every year millions Read more