Sights in the Streets of Kathmandu


Thought riding bicycles on the streets of Kathmandu was hard; try skateboards! To my astonishment, I saw a couple of teens on skateboards making their way in the traffic. It was a pleasant surprise for me, looking out the window from a micro-bus, finding anything other than old rusty buses and shiny private cars to Read more

Arniko Skateboards: Action Sport Meets Traditional Art!


  Arniko Skateboards, founded in 2007 is the brainchild of Marius Arniko Arter, Nepali-born Swiss National, together with his co-manager, James Carson, Australian graphics designer, produce hand-carved skateboards using traditional carving techniques in Nepal. This unique venture employs skills of the local wood-carving artisans and helps to preserve and promote the traditional wood-carving of Nepal Read more

Life at a slower pace

life at a slow pace

Life is at a slower pace for most of us in this part of the world. No one is in a particular hurry. When you see how things around here are done, you get the sense of serenity that surrounds the people here. Cities can be taken as an exception in Nepal where people are Read more

Mundane Travel

Mundane Travel

Unlike most of us, I like to travel and see the place when there are no festivals going on and the place is much less crowded. This is the time when I feel like I get to be the witness of the routine dealings of a person’s everyday life. It is not like I don’t Read more

Bon: A Unique Religion and Culture in the Himalayas

Narshi Gonpa Ngawa

Bon is believed to be an indigenous religion of Tibet which followed its people when they migrated in the Himalayas of Nepal. It’s the religion of the Himalayas around 11th century before the advent of Buddhism in the region. Bon is the religion and Bonpo is referred to the people (followers of Bon religion) or Read more