Chitwan Jungle Safari

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Imagine walking beside a Royal Bengal Tiger, a one horned rhino under your own steam, and a gharial crocodile just next to your dugout canoe. All these and many other wild species threatened with extinction, Chitwan Jungle Safari offers you a chance to enter into the virgin forest and view some of the rarest and most endangered wildlife on earth.

Chitwan-one of Asia’s best wildlife-viewing spots is just the right place to pull on the safari togs and ride into the dense grassland which is as tall as you. An entry into the virgin forest be it a guided jungle walk, elephant safari or jeep safari allows you to explore the diminutive details of Nepal’s wildlife and transport you back to nature.

To be precise, Chitwan national park is one of the biggest attractions of Nepal. A wide variety of wild animals, 450 species of birds, 300 species of butterflies and several hundred years old trees in an impressive 932, the park is an ultimate wildlife sanctuary. Covered with greens, forests, grasslands, monsoon Rivers and dry riverbeds, it is situated in the central climatic zone of the Himalayas, just168 km. south of Kathmandu. Highlighting its importance the park was given the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 1984. Like its name “Heart of the Jungle” Chitwan National park offers safari amidst jungle and the people who have passion for nature and animals and are in Nepal for harmony with nature can enjoy the safari including canoe ride, jungle walk, jeep safari, visit to elephant breeding grounds, bird watching, elephants bathing, and ride on the elephant back. The safari can be organized for couple of hours, half day, whole day or for couple of days.


Among the safaris, the safest and most convenient way of penetrating deep into the jungle for viewing and photographing wildlife is elephant safari. In the safari, both the mahout and guide are local who know almost every corner and hiding place of the park and try their best to make the ride as thrilling as possible.  Passing the towering trees and twisting vines, the journey heads in search of pre-historic rhino, lumbering elephants, and Royal Bengal Tiger, brilliantly colored birds, crocodiles and many others. You can also take bath with an elephant in the Rapti River and even take shower from an elephant’s trunk while you are riding on its back. Moreover, you can extend elephant safari by visiting renowned elephant breeding camp which is among the very few elephant-breeding center around the world where you can see the newly born baby elephant and know about their fertility technique.

If you are in search of fastest means then jeep safari is indeed an ideal choice for you. It takes you deep into the heart of jungle and allows you to have more frequent sightings of some of the rarest flora and fauna. The area from Kasara to Sukhebar is considered as the best area for the jungle drive, where chances of seeing bison (Gaur), sambar deer and Royal Bengal Tiger is very high. The jeep safari takes you across the jungle into the river and to the places most likely to have good sightings of park’s unique animals.

To experience the abundant bird life and conceal the secrets of the jungle, you can head for nature walk escorted by a well-trained guide who can interpret the hidden secrets of the land as you walk through ancient groves or perch in a strategically located watch tower to observe animals grazing, drinking at pools, or resting in the bushes. Chitwan national park is known as a paradise for birds and birdwatchers, recording over 500 species of birds. The bird experts take you to an appropriate bird watching sites where you can see a wide variety of birds from a safe view point.

An additional canoe trip on typical hand-made dugout canoe takes you down the Rapti River and provides the most relaxing way to see gharial crocodiles, mugger crocodiles, fresh water dolphins, otters and varieties of water birds and crocodiles basking at the river bank and to watch birds and wildlife species that frequently come to drink water and bath. The trip is one of the most serene ways to explore the area and to float downstream along with the rivers flow. After a day full of wild encounters, sunset viewing and cultural evening with Tharu folk songs and stick dances can be the highlight of your Chitwan stay.

Chitwan Jungle Safari is a wilderness exploration into exotic wide life housing, exceptional bio-diversity, serene wetlands and majestic woodlands with an opportunity to see wild species in their natural habitat, to experience the natural environment at its best and to study in details of Nepal’s wildlife.

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Chitwan Jungle Safari
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