Clothing and equipment issues to consider while trekking in Nepal

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From summiting mighty Everest to long strenuous walks at Mustang, Nepal offers a wide range of locations to the trekkers. However, the biggest challenge I’ve seen a trekker endure is not, deciding where to go and what to do, but what to bring in a trek.

This one time when I was trekking in the Annapurna Circuit (the most popular trekking destinations in Nepal), I saw some trekkers bring camping gears, summit suits and crampons in the middle of October. All of which is unnecessary!

Though, the nature of your trek, whether its summiting mountains, trekking popular trails or mere camping trips, changes the “to-bring” list for you. The clothing and equipment needed while trekking in Nepal is surprisingly little.

Here are some necessary items, with regards to clothing and equipment, you should not forget while trekking in Nepal. Bring your own or buy all of the mentioned items in any trekking shops here in Kathmandu.( Remember these items are only for trekking and not for summiting or other purposes)


Let’s start with the head shall we?

Sun hat/woolen hat: With the sun sometimes getting a bit harsh, sun hats are best way to protect yourself from sun burn. Wide hats covering neck is advisable. As nights can be a bit cold in the Himalayas a woolen hat is a must to keep you warm.



Light T-shirts/Long sleeve shirts: Long sleeves as to protection against sun burn, and light for easily washable. Cotton shirts are the best as it can be used as night wear and also as base layer if it gets cold in the mornings/ evenings.

Wind/ waterproof Jackets: As of the unpredictable weather, its best to carry jackets while trekking in Nepal. Wind/ waterproofs are best for rapid wind in higher altitudes and of course the unexpected drizzle. No one wants to catch a cold while trekking, do they?

Long leg/ light weight Combat Pants (zip offs are best): Most of these combat pants are windproof and zip offs are good as it can be doubled up into shorts during the day.

Thermal Underwear: Keeping your inners comfortable while trekking is very important. Pack a couple of them both polyester and cotton as there could be problems due to friction.

Cotton socks: Very good for keeping your feet warm in high altitudes and also to avoid blisters. However, wearing what you are most comfortable in is very important as this is trekking and all you have to do is walk for eternity!

Trekking Boots: Good trekking boots can make and as well as break your trekking experience! (Of course your legs too sometimes!) So, having a light weight trekking boots with good grip and ankle support is very necessary. You can bring your own or buy one in any trekking gear shop here in Kathmandu.

As your queries about clothing might have been cleared, here are some equipments that is a definite ‘Yes’ while trekking in Nepal.


Backpack: A good comfortable bag holding all your equipments! Choose according to your frame and the amount of accessories you are carrying.

Trekking Poles: A friend while you are trekking! These poles can be very helpful climbing the rugged paths of the Himalayas.

Sunglasses: UV protection sunglasses is recommended as the sun rays may be harmful as you climb to higher altitude.


Water Bottles/ Purification medium: Two recommended as one is for drinking and other for emergencies or let’s just say for backup. Also bring water purification tablets or drops as the water may not be clean for drinking.

First Aid Kit: Bring your own medicine. Be sure not to miss aspirin, bandages, anti- allergic cream and antiseptic cream. As you are your own doctor while trekking.

Toiletries: Dry towels, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste. Of course, tissue paper and baby wipes according to your need.

Map: Just in case you choose to wonder off and be an explorer of the wilderness.

Mitten Gloves: Very useful while trekking in higher altitude.

Dry Bag: To keep your dry and wet clothes separately.

Duct Tape: Just In case!

Sleeping Bags: Though, there are stay facilities available in the tea houses and lodges, your own sleeping bag can make you feel right at home. Also, its cold resistance nature might be very useful while trekking in the mountains.

These are the essentials you should carry; however, there are lots of other things that might be useful as per your requirements! So, have you packed your bags yet?

Clothing and equipment issues to consider while trekking in Nepal
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