Father’s Day Celebrated with Joy and Happiness across the Nation

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Father’s day is the celebration of fatherhood which falls on the dark fortnight on Bhadra (August /September). Popularly known as Buba Ko Muk Herne Din, the day is dedicated to the worship of fathers and cow eared incarnation of Lord Shiva. In Hindu Mythology, fathers are considered to be the sun- a source of life. They stand for the pillar of strength, respect and support of a family, giving protection, security and safety. Honoring the fathers for the guidance and teachings in life, sons and daughters near or far, come with gifts and spend auspicious day together with fathers.

The people who do not have living fathers go to Gokarneshwor  and perform rituals, offering grains, vegetables and fruits to priests present for the occasion. They honor the memory of their fathers and promote welfare of their souls in this area. They also perform Shraadha (Hindu Ritual), and give Dachina (some amount of money) and food items to Brahmans.  Hindus also believe that in this day gods and goddesses take bath in the Bagmati River and pay homage to Lord Shiva in Gokarna so they visit Gokarneshwor Mahadev, the temple of Lord Shiva – one of the deities of the divine Hindu trinity. It lies in Gokarna, five miles east of Kathmandu. Mythology has placed the Gokarna shrine in prehistoric times when Lord Shiva once hid himself in Pashupatinath forest disguised in the form of a one-horned golden deer. The world suffered in the absence of lord Shiva. So Lord Vishnu- the preserver, Lord Brahma -the creator, and Indra- the king of gods went in search of Lord Shiva. They finally caught Shiva’s horn and it burst into three fragments. Lord Shiva asked them to establish three fragments in their respective worlds. Lord Vishnu put one fragment in Vaikuntha, Indra put the second fragment in heaven and Brahma put the last fragment in Gokarneshwor.

In Newari communities, married daughters give eggs with fry, fry fish,wo ( made from black lentil ),curd,raksi ( Alcohol ) and get blessed by father for long life , good health and good happenings and the married daughters of other communities visit their parental homes with delicacies. The sons touch their father’s feet with their forehead while the daughters only touch the hand and seek blessings.

Father’s day is an occasion to mark and celebrate the contribution the fathers have made, wherein the bonds of family and kinship is renewed and strengthened.

Father’s Day Celebrated with Joy and Happiness across the Nation
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