Five-Star Hotel to be Constructed in Mugu

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Rara Project Private Limited, (RPPL) has proposed to construct a  five star hotel on the western bank area of Rara Lake, Mugu.

According to RPPL, “The five-star hotel development project has already started a fresh environmental impact study with the officials of RNP and the communities concerned. RPPL has already conducted two environmental impact assessment (EIA) studies to build the hotel in Rara area in the last four years.”

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Ramesh Bhatta, environmental consultant, said, “We discussed what sorts of environment impacts could be faced after construction of the hotel inside RNP.  With the final study and work on the hotel project, the project would move further start  after necessary consultation with experts.”

“Since there is no infrastructure to attract tourists, stakeholder committees here urged the company to build the hotel soon,” added Bhatta.

The five star hotel will be built on 200 hectares of land an estimated cost of Rs 4 billion and it will have a total of 10 modern buildings.

Five-Star Hotel to be Constructed in Mugu
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