Great Himalayan Trail- A new hope for Nepal’s tourism

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Source: The Great Himalayan Trail

In a joint venture the SNV Netherlands Development Organization, Trekking Agents Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal tourism Board and Ministry of Culture and Tourism(Mo TCA) are planning to develop specific tourism packages focusing the Great Himalayan Trail (GHT) states a press release of MoTCA.

Balkrishna Ghimire, joint secretary of MoTCA said, “The GHT proves to be an effective tourism opportunities that can help Nepal establish its position in the international arena. The GHT can be seen as a great opportunity not just for development of the tourism sector but can have a social economic change in the rural villages and district. The trail encompasses 16 local districts where effective infrastructures, communication networks, check posts etc are in the process of development.”

Speaking more on the trail he said, “We are working on finalizing different technical aspects of the GHT packages, making it more feasible and efficient in its operation and management.”

TAAN and Tourism entrepreneurs have urged a definite policy for regulating the GHT with reference to proper management and uniform entrance fee. Under the GHT the interested tourist or traveler have to pay a limited amount of entrance fee where in the past a tourist had to pay individual entrance fee at the entrance of 43 different conservation and protect area which amounted to USD 4000. Currently it is estimate that the total cost of the GHT package would be around USD 25,000.

Since 2009, SNV has been working with Nepal’s Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation (Mo TCA), the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), the Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN) and host communities to create an iconic and globally significant new trek which spans the entire length of the country, harnessing tourism as a driver for economic development in Nepal’s most remote and impoverished mountain regions. As a pathway for sustainable development, the Great Himalaya Trail provides tourists with the opportunity to travel through some of the world’s most spectacular sceneries while at the same time stimulating investment, employment and business development for remote and disadvantaged Himalayan communities.

Great Himalayan Trail- A new hope for Nepal’s tourism
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