Himalayan Whitewater Fest: Fun with a paddle under the Sun

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Nepal is bestowed with natural beauty and amazing terrain that is just perfect for rough backyard play for adventure sports enthusiasts. One such sport is whitewater rafting and kayaking in any of the numerous raging rivers here.

Every year, to promote whitewater rafting (especially Kayaking) in Nepal, there is an annual event held, that goes by the name Himalayan Whitewater Fest. In addition to spreading the word about whitewater sports in Nepal and its potential in the international stage, this festival aims to develop its athletes’ skills to match that of the professionals.

Whitewater sports, Nepal

Adrenaline-pumping action in the waters of Trishuli.

The 4th Himalayan Whitewater Festival is an exciting 4-day international showcase of whitewater sports, set to be held in the last week of November (from Nov 26th to Nov 29th) at the Trishuli River, Fishling Bazaar, in Pokhara- the beautiful city of lakes. It is going to be filled with different events from water sport competitions (rafting and kayaking) to dance-off and music.

The participants range from international professionals, home-grown talents to amateurs who all join in on a four day fiesta. The event will see some great action from the athletes in Kayak Slalom, Kayak Free-style, Boater-Cross, down river races and rafting competitions.

Whitewater rafting, Nepal

Action meet sport!

Athletes from all over the world have the opportunity to test their metal at one of the most renowned rivers of Nepal- the mighty Trishuli. Adventure sport lovers and people from different background can also join in on the fun, either in the sports (both on water and off of it) of their liking and what they are comfortable with, or other non-sporty activities held on the embankments of the river.

Be there to witness to incredible display of strength and perseverance by the athletes and/or simply enjoy being in the sun! Himalayan Whitewater Festival is a great way to spend an adventure and fun-filled four days in the city also known as the jewel of the Himalaya.

Himalayan Whitewater Fest: Fun with a paddle under the Sun
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