How to Trek Safely in Nepal?

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Trekking is one of the most popular tourism activities in Nepal. Every year, thousands of travelers and tourists from all over the world, travel to Nepal in search of adventure and excitement. Trekking in Nepal is the best option of an exciting holiday that is adventurous yet exciting. It not only helps to fulfill your quest of adventure and exhilaration but also helps to get accustomed first hand to the culture tradition. The majority of the tourists and travelers who come here at least try trekking as it is one of the ultimate destinations for trekking.  In fact the rigid terrain, the unpolluted environment, Himalayan range makes it worth doing it here than anywhere else on earth.

Therefore, Nepal stands to be one of the most sought after tourism destination among the adventure loving people. Trekking is one of the most popular activities that people love to enjoy. From the short trek of Helambu and Poonhill to the high endurance ABC and EBC Nepal has all sorts and size of trekking packages, which will not only help you understand the real meaning of being outdoors in the wild.

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Things to consider before or during trekking are:

  • Before planning trekking, be sure the tour operator is well prepared and can handle any situation. Make sure you talk to them regarding all sort of management issues  medical conditions and your needs clearly.
  • While packing your luggage only pack the needed clothes, emergency medicines, and your important numbers and please inform and give details about your itinerary to your family and friends.
  • Trekking shoes should be comfortable so before planning for trekking buy a good pair of trekking shoes and get use to it .
  • It is important to be accessorized with Swiss knife, torch, compass, etc. These accessories are very essential at times of need and can result in drastic ways during and for your survival.
  • Do a research about the country’s medical needs regarding vaccination and other health conditions
  • When you are in Nepal and trekking always have a guide. Always manage your trekking program through a reliable trekking agency that would be able to get you out of any kind of situation
How to Trek Safely in Nepal?
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