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The capital and thus the nerve center of the mystical Himalayan country Nepal, Kathmandu is a traveler’s wet dream. Exotic culture, rich heritage, ancient architecture, famed hospitality and above all affordability makes this an essential pilgrimage. Not to forget this city is also the key to unlocking the hidden mysteries that lies beyond; a portal to all the trekking expeditions and mountaineering undertakings in Nepal.


Kathmandu makes for a uniquely individual experience. The city appeals to all your senses. It entices you with its aroma of dhups and tinned spices wafting over cups of teas in transparent glasses. It overwhelms with its splashes of colors; the reds of the sari on married women, the greens and yellows of potes on carts, the brown reflections on water filled potholes and blues of the cloud free sky. It tingles your taste buds with fiery hot curries and ice cold bitters.  It caresses you with silky pashminas and shy Namastes with averted eyes. It permeates you with the sound of the city; a medley of their all time hits. The ting-tings of temple ghantis, the shouted-out deals of the street hawkers, the impatient teet-teets of horns at the junctions and constant buzzing of the crowds. There is so much to take in and appreciate but above all the people of this city make it a city worth raving about. They wrap you up in a cosy knit of smiles, friendliness and openness. Here, you will make memories and friends that will last a lifetime.

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