Life at a slower pace

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Life is at a slower pace for most of us in this part of the world. No one is in a particular hurry. When you see how things around here are done, you get the sense of serenity that surrounds the people here.

Cities can be taken as an exception in Nepal where people are always in a hurry in general to get to work or to get what is important to them finished against the sandglass. Other than that, it still posses the same leisurely feel which blankets all of Nepal.

life at a slow pace

We would rather not jump on to that fast track high speed train which seems breathless and not in a good way. Majority of us here in Nepal, do enjoy this slower pace which is a good way to take in the life as we call it and savour it.

One major hurdle in your way for being on time is Traffic jams, which can be pretty horrible from time to time especially during monsoon season. Together with the rain, holes and puddles filled damaged roads and oh, the ancient sewer drainage system can do wonders for your precious time!

This is why, most of the time you, you will be late or won’t be able to finish the assigned work in one go. The only solution for this, is for to start your day an hour or two early, so that you could be on time and/or get things done in time.

It is also true that Nepalese don’t like to live a stressful life. You can observe this, especially in the outskirts of the major cities all over Nepal where life tends to standstill. The slower pace or as we call it, Nepali Time, can be taken as 1) being late or 2) a slower pace for doing everything in general or 3) life at a standstill and on quieter side of the spectrum. Once in a while take to Nepali time, have fun with it and see how things fare for you on that day!

Life at a slower pace
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