Mother’s Day Mata Tirtha Puja

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The last day of dark fortnight of April or early May is celebrated as Mata Tirtha Puja in Nepal. This is the day for mothers, who keep family together in all hardships and happiness. Mothers are considered as goddesses in the forms of human beings. In this auspicious day, all children bring gifts to their mothers. Even the small ones keep their savings to buy favorite foods and things for their mothers. The married daughters come back to their mothers with sweets and gifts.

Those who do not have mothers go to Mata Tirtha, six miles south- west of central Kathmandu. There are two ponds- the larger one for bathing and the smaller one is the place where one looks upon one’s mother’s face. According to myth, once that place was ruled by cowherd king. One of his cowherd’s mother died and the cowherd was very sad for the loss of his mother. He went to a forest, prayed at the water storage pond and made offerings to her mother. Miraculously, his mother’s hand accepted the offerings and he saw his mother’s face. Thus, this place is called Mata Tirtha. Every year on the dark fortnight people go to this place and make offerings. They hope their mothers accept their offerings and pray for the peace of their mother’s soul.

This is special day to show love, affection and gratitude to the mothers.

Mother’s Day Mata Tirtha Puja
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