Mundane Travel

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kids playing

Unlike most of us, I like to travel and see the place when there are no festivals going on and the place is much less crowded. This is the time when I feel like I get to be the witness of the routine dealings of a person’s everyday life.

It is not like I don’t enjoy the festivities and liveliness of the celebrations. I find the quieter aspect of people in their daily chores and activities surrounding them much interesting. It sort of gives me a connection to the place and the people I am visiting which seems lived in and similar to how I live at home.

But to find the same mundane things in other places which are different in so many ways, yet feeling like I have seen those things already or to find that I have done these chores is another pleasant emotion I feel while visiting a new place on seemingly boring day with a sunny weather on my side.

daily life

It doesn’t matter to me if it is not a touristy site or nothing especial is happening at the time I arrive there. As long as, I get to walk around and see kids playing around, elderly tending to their grand kids and everyone going on with their ordinary lives that puts a smile on my face and I am happy, I came.

If you are here at a time when there is nothing going on, no special occasion to celebrate which is a rarity in Nepal, take a leisurely walk around the city or wherever you are in the country. You will find something that will make your day!

Mundane Travel
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