Mustang “A Forbidden Kingdom”

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Lonely plant, the most popular travel guide book, ranks Mustang as the third most popular destination in the world for 2013.

Best for: Activities, off the beaten track, culture

The completion of a road connecting Mustang to China in the north and the rest of Nepal to the south will make all the difference to this remote region. Lo Manthang, or Mustang as it’s usually called, has been dubbed ‘little Tibet’ or ‘the last forbidden kingdom’; though politically part of Nepal, in language, culture, climate and geography, it’s Tibet. Not long ago, this part of Nepal was a kingdom in itself, a kingdom in a kingdom, complete with its own capital city and its king. Nepal is now a Federal Democratic Republic, but if you visit Mustang, it’s almost like it is still a kingdom on its own. The region is less visited by tourists, mainly because it requires a special permit for foreigners to be able to travel to this region. Because of this, Mustang has remained an exclusive destination and has retained most of its original culture, architecture and historic heritage, making it a fascinating place to visit.


The houses in Mustang are characterized by their flat roof construct, a feature of houses in areas where there is not much rain. In this stark landscape, you will see beautifully painted monasteries, cave dwellings where mystics meditated and perhaps found enlightenment, and a rich and vibrant culture with strong ties to Tibet. The walled city of Lo Manthang, the former capital of this kingdom will be the mid-point of the trek, and in many ways the highlight of visit to this region. The city offer fascinating glimpses into local culture and we may even get an audience with the king! This trek offers great views of the Himalayas including Dhaulagiri and the Annapurnas, and an up close and personal experience of life in the forbidden former kingdom of Mustang.

Source: Lonely Planet

Mustang “A Forbidden Kingdom”
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