Sky high Lost treasure: Mustang

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A treasure trove of Tibetan arts and manuscripts dating back to the 15th-century has been gaining news. The find consist of religious texts and wall paintings were uncovered in “sky high” Himalayan caves in the forbidden Kingdom of Mustang in North, Central Nepal. These hidden relics of Nepal’s ancient and remote caves, carved into the fragile, sandy-colored cliff in a gorge, are reserved safely by the mountain region’s cool, arid climate in the plain of aspiration and plain of spiritual longing of Mustang.

The finding have been found in a cliff that was dug into cliff sides, some tunneled from far above. Some are in groups stacked up to nine tall, with connecting arteries 6 foot in diameter, leading deep into the soaring cliffs. The methods of just how these man-made caves were created remains unknown, but the number of them is estimated to be an impressive 10,000.


According to Pete Athans, leader of an interdisciplinary team of mountaineers and archaeologists, “These are some of the most lost treasures.These artifacts were discovered while scaling the dangerous, crumbling walls of the Mustang Valley, we discovered incredible preserved artifacts amongst the ancient caveways–murals, bowls, documents (religious, legal, mundane), but most interestingly were the ritual burial sites. The greatest find of the recent excavations came near the village of Samdzong, just south of the Chinese boarder by Mustang.”

Veiled within the Himalayas, the caves are secret relics of Nepal’s ancient and remote caves; some dug into the Cliff side, others tunneled from above, and are so large that it dwarfs the Grand Canyon. These astonishing numbers of man made caves are about 6,000-year-old, displaying the world’s greatest archaeological mystery but hiding its own. The caves hoard 4th-century wall paintings, ancient human remains and a centuries-old hidden library of sacred texts. Accrued safely, 155ft from the ground, the caves and all of its hidden contents re-create the Shangri-La of 15th century. Once reached by narrow access tubes, it is still unknown who built the cave, why it was built and how people used to climb into the caves which are dug into a cliff.

However, the caves had been damaged time and again sometimes in the name of research, sometimes in the name of religious pilgrims or sometimes just because of some trifle reasons. These are the descriptions of treasures to be found in the hidden valleys and the mysterious chapters of history which need to be disclosed very carefully and cautiously.

Sky high Lost treasure: Mustang
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