Nepal Is

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 A paradox of cold mountains and warm hearts:  Climbers from all over the world will find a world of their own in Nepal. You will begin and end your journey right here- from the beginner’s heights to the last destination, the highest peak on Earth, Mt. Everest.
The Nepalese folks are famed to be humble, warm and friendly. You will find a home, a family and more friends here than you can ask for.
A vortex of cultural diversity:  Like the king who unified Nepal from fragments of smaller kingdoms once claimed, Nepal is the land of 4 castes and 36 sub-castes. Count on all of them to have a different language, distinct traditions and culture. Our calendar is dotted with festivities that each caste celebrates.
A home to Gods and Goddesses:  Not only is every other porch a temple, not only is every other day a festival, Nepal has been a stage for Hinduism since the ancient times. Buddha’s birthplace, Lumbini, also belongs to Nepal. Pilgrims will find too much to do here.
A promenade for raw adventure:  Here is where you feel truly wild and free. Come upfront with raw adventure including trekking, hiking, kayaking, camping, white-water rafting, elephant polo, safari, canyoning and bungee jumping with the backdrop of peace and serenity. Even when in the most urban city here, you can pack your bags in a whim and walk into the wild.
A time machine to the old world: Our history is rich and the country reflects it. From ancient temples, palaces, art and architecture, each represent historical, religious or cultural significance. You will find out that Nepal has a colorful story to tell.
Moreover, you will see that the time has slowed down here. Still rural and very relaxed; the place has retained its natural beauty.



Nepal Is
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