Nepal Ranks 112th Position

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Kathmandu, March 08: The  Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2013 ranks  Nepal in 112th position in the world  published by World Economic Forum (WEF). Nepal remains in the same position  since last two years. Among the South Asian Countries, Nepal is ranked above Pakistan and Bangladesh  respectively.

Despite the low investment in the tourism infrastructure and protracted political transition, the tourism experts term the ranking acceptable.

Prachanda Man Shrestha, former Chief Executive Officer of Nepal Tourism Board, said, “with such political condition, Nepal holding the same position in travel and tourism rankings is considerably  good.”

“On top of the infrastructure and investment bottleneck, Nepal lacks adequate policies, support and state priority,” added Shrestha.

The report has also pointed out the multiple constraints that the Nepal’s tourism industry is experiencing. It has ranked Nepal at 44 in the population’s attitude toward foreign visitors while India and Sri Lanka has been ranked at 81 and 89 respectively. Nepal has been ranked tenth in visa requirements by the report. “We are comparatively liberal in visa issuance,” says Thapa. “We have been issuing visa on arrival to many nationalities at the Tribhuvan International Airport.”

Nepal Ranks 112th Position
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