Nepali words/ phrases you should remember while trekking in Nepal

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I hope you understand how difficult it is to help someone get accustomed to something as enormous as a language system, esp. through a tiny little blog.

Wow, I was so lost! After hours of thinking and struggle, this is what I could write.

Here is a list of the most common words in Nepali language to help you deal with minor communication issues during your stay here.

1. Greeting/ Thanking people:

Namaste is, unarguably, the most frequently spoken word. It can be used to greet anyone anytime.


Similarly, Good morning is referred as ‘Shubha- bihani’ and Good night as ‘Shubha- ratri’.

And this word, especially, could come in handy-

Nepali: Dhanyabad
English: Thank you

2. Asking for things, names and replying/ general conversation:

When you want to know the names of people, ask them in Nepali, you’ll love the expression on their faces-

Nepali: Tapaiko naam ke ho?
English: What is your name?

If someone asks for your name, reply in this way-

Nepai: Mero naam Catherine ho.
English: My name is Catherine.

Ask about how people are doing, in this way-

Nepali: Ke cha halchal?
English: How is everything?

Similarly, reply in this way-

Nepali: Thik cha
English: Everything’s ok.

Ask for things in the following way-

Nepali: Malai tyo chocolate dinus na.
English: Please give me that chocolate.

3. Basic food and drinks:

Let me give you just the basic stuffs. Here, ‘Khana’ means a heavy diet, mostly lunch and dinner.


On the other hand, ‘Khaja’ means light snack, mostly breakfast.

Water in Nepali is ‘Pani’.

4. Asking for directions:

What if you were taking pictures and were left behind or got lost somehow? (I hope you don’t).

Use the following phrase to ask people to give you directions to a desired destination.

Nepali: Ghandruk kasari jaane?
English: How can I get to Ghandruk?

You may be replied in a number of ways but some possibilities would be:
-    Sidda: Straight
-    Daine/ Daaya: Right
-    Baaya: Left
-    Bato: Road/ Trail
-    Dobato/ Chowk: Junction

5. While buying things:

If you want to find the store of an item, ask-

Nepali: Cup kaha paincha?
English: Where can I buy cups?

When you’re buying things, ask for the price in this way-

Nepali: Yasko kati ho?
English: How much for this?

Cheap here is spoken as ‘Sasto’ and expensive as ‘Mahango’. Now, you may respond to the price accordingly.

6. Tired during the trek, huh…:

Express your exhaustion in the following way-

Nepali: Thakyo! Ekchin basam.
English: I’m tired! Let’s rest for a while.

When you’re ready to hit the road say,

Nepali: La jaam!
English: Let’s go!

7. Staying for the night:

Unless you like watching the stars as you sleep or wish to have a camp fire, you will need a place to stay.

Use the following phrases to find a place to stay.

Nepali: Yaha najik kunai lodge cha?
English: Is there a lodge nearby?

Nepali: Ma yaha basna milcha?
English: Can I stay here?

In Nepal, if a foreigner speaks in Nepali, the locals get super excited and friendly (for no specific reason). Believe me; you would need such people by your side at least throughout your stay here.

I hope this blog was helpful enough!

Thanks for reading and have a great time trekking in Nepal!

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Nepali words/ phrases you should remember while trekking in Nepal
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