New Trekking Trail in Eastern Nepal

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Highlighting the prospect of tourism new trekking route for pilgrimage, mountaineering and Himalayan viewing had been identified in the eastern region of Nepal.  Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) along with the local tourism entrepreneurs had started the survey for the construction of new route in order to promote pilgrimage sites of Eastern Nepal and attract national and international visitors.

The member of NTB, Rewat Bahadur Thapa, said, “We have allocated eighty four lakhs for the survey which will start from the end of Bhadra (September). The allocated survey budget includes the cost of feature film, photography, map and high vision of the route.”


The 6o days trekking route starts from the Koshi barrage of Biratnagar, passes via the famous pilgrimage centers like Triveni, BarahaKshetra and Pathivara, goes by Makalu Base Camp and finally ends at Dhankuta with the sightseeing tour of king Birat’s palace.

New Trekking Trail in Eastern Nepal
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