New Year 2070

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A New Year day is not just another day of the year. It is the day to celebrate a new beginning, a day to cherish a new dream and a day towards a new festivity.

In Nepal, New Year known as “Navabarsha” falls on the first day of Baisakh. As Nepal’s calendar is 56 years ahead than Georgian calendar and Nepali months start from the mid of English months, the New Year generally coincides with 14th of April of English calendar.


It is a public holiday and fun day celebration. Friends and family gather together, plan for picnics and travel, visit temples and pray to Lord for a great year ahead. In different places, New Year is celebrated with different festivities. Newars of Bhaktapur celebrate Bisket Jatra with most aplomb. The festival has 5 major parts; pulling of the chariot temple of Lord Bhairava and Goddess Bhadrakali, erecting the Yeo-sin-deo pole, lowering of the pole, chariot temple processions of Goddess Mahalaxmi and Lord Mahakala, Brahmayini and Lord Ganesha and the rituals to revere all the Hindu deities attending the festival. There are worships, rituals and animal sacrifices to appease the God.

In Tokha, another ancient town of Kathmandu valley, people celebrate “Jatra” for five days. They go to Baghdwar and Bishnudwar on New Year’s eve, walk down to the temple called “Swopnatirtha” in the early morning of the next day and take bath in the holy pond situated nearby the temple. They believe that taking a purification dip in the water of the pond on New Year’s Day keep all the diseases away for that year.

Different people have different ways of celebration but all Nepalese celebrate New Year with same zeal and enthusiasm.

One can never know what the year has stored for him/her but everyone wishes for happiness, prosperity and success and celebrates the auspicious day to its fullest.

New Year 2070
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