A Day Spent In And Around Patan Durbar Square

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Whether it’s sunny or raining or covered in the mist of winter cold, there is always something going on in Patan Durbar Square in Lalitpur - City of Beauty. This place always seems to carry an eloquent charm in its surroundings. Watching white and fluffy cotton candy looking clouds passing by up in deep blue sky or watching the locals carry on with their usual routine life on a sunny day here, is like having a glimpse into the paradise, making you wish that everyday could be like this forever or for time to stand still for just a little longer so, you could soak it up all in your soul and trying to imprint everything you have seen in the moment in your memories is such a pleasure that could not be replicated anywhere in the world.

Patan Durbar Square, Lalitpur, Nepal

Wander around & Watch the world pass by…

Every time, I pass by this place or spend an entire day doing nothing but watching, I am always in awe and I cannot believe my luck to have been born and raised in such a wonderful place. I couldn’t have asked for more. For those who want to spend a calm day in the square can find so much to see and experience that it would overwhelm all your senses with endless details and information, especially your eyes.

You can get some coffee or ice-cream or snacks like ‘chana chatpat’ here, though I would not recommend ‘panipuri’ from local vendors and just hang around the premise as the locals do and enjoy your day. You can also go shop for shoes and traditional kurta salwar and saris or casual clothes from numerous shops along the way to Patan Durbar Square. There are so many places from where you can get authentic Newari cuisine and also plenty other delectable cuisines to quench your taste buds around the durbar area that will make you say “I want more!” or “I should have carried more cash with me today!”

A Day Spent In And Around Patan Durbar Square
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