Population of Tiger Rises in Nepal

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KATHMANDU:  According to the government survey report released on World Tiger Day, the number of Royal Bengal tigers in the Nepal’s territory has soared 64 percent to 198 in just four years.

Tek Bahadur Thapa Gharti, the conservation minister, said, “The survey has found the number of adult tigers in the wild is now 198 and the government has vowed to double this number by 2022.”

He reported the rise was due to tough action against poachers, law enforcement and proper management of tiger’s habitats.


 According to the survey, Chitwan National Park in south-central Nepal alone has 120 Royal Bengal tigers, fifty others roam in the Bardia National Park and the rest live in three other protected areas.

“The conservation areas, where the animals roam, have also increased, contributing to the rise in numbers,” Dhakal added.

The report was released amidst hundreds of conservationists and wildlife experts at the meeting held in Kathmandu on Monday.

Population of Tiger Rises in Nepal
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