Nepali Rafting Guides in High Demand

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Nepali rafting guides are catching sighting by foreign travel and tourism companies abroad. Around 200 guides are working in different countries like America, United Kingdom, Italy, Turkey, Australia, Japan, Germany, India and Bhutan.

Binay Lama, a Nepali rafting guide working in Japan, said, “Rafting in the thundering waters of Himalayan Rivers offers the ultimate rafting experience to the foreigners and when they return back to their homeland, they want to experience the thrill again. Besides the alluring experience, they are also attracted to us because of our honest and laborious nature and invite us to work in their country.”
The president of Rafting Guide Association, Sukra Tamang said, “The foreigners are fascinated towards our professionalism and they offer our guides the opportunities. It’s a win-win situation for both of all.”

The professional rafting was started in Nepal from 1975 A.D. and around 700 guides work in the rafting business.

Nepali Rafting Guides in High Demand
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