11 reasons to go for Langtang Valley Trek

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Not sure about which trek to go for in Nepal! That’s alright! We have a lot of options.

Now, most of the tourists who come here already have their mind set on either Everest or Annapurna trek.  But, just for a change, you could go for the Langtang Valley Trek which is, by no means, any less than the other treks.


You may be wondering, trying to find one good reason, why exactly to go for this trek! Well, I can give you 11:

1. Less crowded:

This route is less crowded by other tourists because most of the people tend to prefer Annapurna or Everest trek, as mentioned earlier, for whatever reason. This means less annoying people- perfect for lonely legends.

2. Cheaper:

Since this is not a very popular trek route, it’s cheaper compared to other treks. You can go for this trek through travel agencies in around $900. If you can manage things on your own, it will cost you even less.

3. Easy:

If you take it slow, the trek will be easy peasy- lemon squeezy! You will just be walking for around 5- 6 hours, most of the days. This is a perfect trek for the beginners who want to have the feel of trekking in the Himalayas.

4. Shorter:

The trek is of around 7- 9 days, starting from and ending at Kathmandu. If you have a tight schedule, this will be a great trek to get you up close to the mountains in fewer days.

Now, if you are a pro- trekker, won’t necessarily have the problem of acclimatization and don’t mind walking almost all day, you can complete this trek in 4 days. Yes, four days, others have done it, but on their own.

You can follow this itinerary :
Day 1: Kathmandu- Syafru- Pairo
Day 2: Pairo- Bamboo- Rimche- Lama Hotel- Riverside- Ghodatabela- Thang syap- Langtang Village
Day 3: Langtang village- Kyanjin Gumba- Pairo
Day 4: Pairo- Syafru- Kathmandu

Make sure you get to the bus stop as early as possible in the morning, preferably at around 6- 7 am, on the first and last day of the trek, when it’s required to travel by bus.

5. Better lodging:

Since this route is not so popular, you can find lodges and tea- houses with more, probably better options.

6. Better route to trek:

If you want to walk, indulged in nature, this trek is definitely for you. You will be trekking pretty much in the wilderness, not on the roads where vehicles run like in the Annapurna Circuit.


7. Closer to Kathmandu:

The 1st day with around 10 hours of bus ride can be a drag, but the trek route is pretty close to Kathmandu.

8. A good alternative:

You may not want to trek on a particular route. Maybe it’s due to your budget, familiarity with the route or the crowd in the trails! Whatever the reason is, this may be the best alternative to all the other routes.

9. Choose your own route:

If you have time, you can go for longer routes, walking from Sundarijal to Syabru besi, through Chisapani and Gosaikunda.

If you can wake up early, you can climb Kyanjin Ri from Kanjin Gompa for the view of sunrise from between the mountains.

You can also add Helambu/ Gosaikunda to your Langtang Valley trek which will take 5- 6 more days.

10. Culture:

This route is basically inhabited by the Tamang tribe. They are very friendly and hospitable. You will be treated well and will get to know them, a bit better.

If you are into Buddhism, or even if you are not, you can visit Buddhist monasteries that fall on the trail.

11. Cheese:

Now this may not be for everyone and definitely not for Vegans. But still, the 11th reason.

Yes! If you are crazy for cheese, you should definitely go for this trek. There is a Yak Cheese Factory in Kyanjin Gompa.  Take some back home as a souvenir, that is if you don’t finish it on your way back home.


If you still cannot make up your mind, why not actually trying the Langtang Valley trek and finding it out on your own. Probably, then, you would want to tell us if it was worth it!

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11 reasons to go for Langtang Valley Trek
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