Riding for a Cause ‘No Child Born to Die’

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With a slogan of “No Child Born to Die,” Kathmandu Kora is organizing Cycling Challenge 2013 and welcoming riders from all over the world to ride a personal challenge of 50 kilometers around Kathmandu Valley on 20th July. Kora does not only mean the clockwise ritual circumambulation of temples or deity images, it also means riding and bringing cyclists together on a circuit route of the Kathmandu valley’s lower hills, suburbs and sights for a good cause.

Riding for a cause started in 2011 with 25 riders collecting around 450000 for a school and an orphanage in Kathmandu, and in 2012 almost 300 riders turned up and raised close to a million for upgrading birthing facilities in Rukum.

With the goal of 1 million collections, this year Kathmandu Kora is planning to build an Eco-designed building for a birthing facility in Sharmali VDC, Baitadi. They plan to make the building earthquake-proof, secure, warm and welcoming that equals to the building facilities in the city because just having a building that meets minimum requirements is not enough.

Kathmandu Kora

In order to raise the money for building this facility, participants are requested to ask their friends, family members or companies to pledge Rs. 100 for every kilometer they ride. However, it is voluntary, and the riders are not bound to raise this money.

The registration form for the Kathmandu Kora Cycling Challenge 2013 is available at http://kathmandukora.eventbrite.com/.  One can register as a rider and take on the challenge; or register as a sponsor or pledger and pledge an amount for each rider or just for the cause. Pledges can be made at Rs. 100 per kilometer or just an amount.

Riding for a Cause ‘No Child Born to Die’
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