Everest Skydive

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29,000 feet high and rising…
If you’ve taken a tandem jump before or you’re an experienced skydiver you’ll already know that it’s an experience that’s hard to beat – well, almost…
How about taking things up a notch or two?
Imagine if you could mix the intense rush and excitement of the skydiving experience with new environments, exploration, trekking, different cultures, adventure and the most amazing views on earth – then you’d really have something special, right?

Imagine no more. These exact experiences can be gained from a trip to Nepal, home of the highest drop zone in the world.

Leave the day-to-day world behind for two weeks and embark on something that has to rank as one of the greatest experiences out there – skydiving over Mount Everest.

Source: Thai Sky Adventures

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Everest Skydive
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