Stray Dogs: Nuisances, Neighbors or just other City-dwellers?!

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I don’t know what it’s like where you come from but here in Nepal, you will definitely not miss the sight of stray dogs playing and sleeping around. They are everywhere! Everywhere I tell you! I kind of have a love hate relationship with these city dwellers though. I consider myself an animal lover especially when it comes to dogs and cats. I don’t know why but I just can’t help but love the furry beings though I don’t play around with them much.

The so called hate part for the stray dogs comes after the morning of restless and sleep deprived night when you see them lounging and sleeping around without a care in the world and here you are trying to fully wake up yourself and get ready for the day ahead of you with strong, no sugar, black coffee. And then, you realize they are the reason why you are so groggy this morning, and for your misery for having to take that awful strong concoction of a coffee. They are the ones who kept you from sleeping peacefully and tried to burst your eardrums the previous night with their constant barking and howling.

stray dogs cover

Stray dogs around my house have this uncanny knowledge of exactly when I am going to shut my eyes and call it a night snuggling my pillow, the moment I start to feel sleepy they start their meeting and converse with the entire neighborhood’s dogs for hours on and on and on late into the night. Hearing them bark like that I wonder how their lungs haven’t collapsed! Seriously!

I don’t despise stray dogs entirely mind you, only when they disturb my sleep at night that I wish I could just tape their mouths like how it’s shown in Animal Planet and National Geographic Channel with crocodiles and alligators while relocating them. Bad joke, I know, but still, I cannot help myself for wishing that even just for a second there. A girl needs her beauty sleep!

street dogs

Then, there are moments of awe with them, when one of the stray follow you like a boss and you think to yourself, “This one is so cute!” for three steps, “Why is this guy following me? I’m scared. after five steps and “Please please, please don’t follow me, get away!” after a few more steps. When you think you have had enough of the following around for one day, you think “I need to get out of here pronto!” So, you climb on to any bus going anywhere, just to get out of there.

Stray Dogs can be adorable when you see them jumping and play fighting around among themselves free from any worldly worry. Taking care of each other and enjoying the company, acting all cute and happy when someone feeds them. When a stray puppy has a look “Hey, I know this girl” a look that says, I know this harmless girl my whole life trying to coax you to play with them tail wagging and jumping on you, trying to get a few snacks from you, I find them sweet.

Then again, not all strays are friendly and you have to be careful around them and about how you approach or avoid them. Sometimes, I ask myself silly questions like “Where do these strays come from?” or “Why are there so many stray dogs?” of which, I desire no answer because I know most of them are not dangerous, and I do not suffer from their midnight meetings on a daily basis or in this case nightly basis. As long as they don’t destroy my peaceful sleeping hours, I guess they are OK and welcomed, unlike crows, Oh The Crows, now don’t even get me started with them!

Stray Dogs: Nuisances, Neighbors or just other City-dwellers?!
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