5 Things you should keep in mind while visiting Nepal

Namaste Nepal

Here are few things you should keep in mind while travelling to Nepal. 1. Nepalese are friendly people No it is not a polite smile, nor is it an obligatory acknowledgement. Nepalese are genuinely happy to see you. Remember, for them you are an object of curiosity. You look and behave differently. So don’t take Read more

Know what to shop and where to shop in Nepal


Nepal is a good place to shop for fine handicrafts including intricate jewelry, traditional hand-woven fabrics, carpets, metal and woodwork items, and of course, the ubiquitous range of quirky kitschy touristy souvenirs peddled at the roadside in tourist destinations the world over.  As trekking is a prime activity, at most of the tourist enclaves you Read more

Lumbini- the Birthplace of Buddha Featured in New 100 Rupee Note in Nepal

DSC_7019 copy

Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB)-the Apex bank of Nepal has circulated a new banknote of Rs 100 denomination featuring Lumbini-the birthplace of Lord Buddha. The new note would be accessible from the Dashain. According to the report of NRB, “The note has a picture of the Ashoka Pillar, displaying the portrait of Mayadevi, Gautam Buddha’s mother Read more

Asar 15: Nepal Mud Festival

With the arrival of Asar (June/ July), the cloudy-grey sky and greenery surrounding the hills and plains of the Himalayan Kingdom and the realm at its apex in rice plantation is overwhelming. Nepal is an agricultural country and Asar holds the utmost importance for every Nepali as it is the time when farmers plant new Read more

New Year 2070

A New Year day is not just another day of the year. It is the day to celebrate a new beginning, a day to cherish a new dream and a day towards a new festivity. In Nepal, New Year known as “Navabarsha” falls on the first day of Baisakh. As Nepal’s calendar is 56 years Read more