Safety Issues of Bungee – An interview with Mr. Bhuwan Sharma, General Manager- The Last Resort

bungee jumping nepal

Is bungee jumping a safe adventure sport? Hmmm…. to be honest, I couldn’t properly make up mind on this! Until, I had a chat with Mr. Bhuwan Sharma, the General Manager of The Last Resort (the only bungee jumping operating company in Nepal). He, genuinely, answered all my questions related to the safety issues, procedures, Read more

Nepal Vacation: Adventure of a lifetime


Hello, all you adventure lovers and adrenaline junkies! Nice to know that you are planning your vacation in Nepal, for some ADVENTURE! Let me tell you something, you have an excellent taste! As in Nepal, a trip always is, way beyond just a trip! Just like the geographical diversity of Nepal, the adventure here is Read more

Nepal Is

 A paradox of cold mountains and warm hearts:  Climbers from all over the world will find a world of their own in Nepal. You will begin and end your journey right here- from the beginner’s heights to the last destination, the highest peak on Earth, Mt. Everest. The Nepalese folks are famed to be humble, Read more