Lovesick Elephants and Hindu Cremation – A Trip to Remember

Thank goodness our elephant is docile. We are traveling in convoy – my friend Priscilla and I on one elephant, a young family squashed onto the back of another. Suddenly, an elephant trumpets in the distance. The family’s elephant stops and trumpets back. Then she spins in a circle. ‘She’s lovesick,’ our guide explains. ‘Her Read more

5 Things you should keep in mind while visiting Nepal

Namaste Nepal

Here are few things you should keep in mind while travelling to Nepal. 1. Nepalese are friendly people No it is not a polite smile, nor is it an obligatory acknowledgement. Nepalese are genuinely happy to see you. Remember, for them you are an object of curiosity. You look and behave differently. So don’t take Read more

Chitwan Jungle Safari

Imagine walking beside a Royal Bengal Tiger, a one horned rhino under your own steam, and a gharial crocodile just next to your dugout canoe. All these and many other wild species threatened with extinction, Chitwan Jungle Safari offers you a chance to enter into the virgin forest and view some of the rarest and Read more

CNP Jails 12 Rhino Poachers

Twelve rhino poachers has been sentenced to prison for killing rhinos and selling the rhino horns by a division bench headed by Kamal Jung Kunwar, Chief of Chitwan National Park. The CNP office stated, “The poachers have been handed down prison sentence ranging from 10 years to 15 years and fines in the range of Read more

779 Gharials Missing from Chitwan National Park

A national census on Gharials highlights 779 gharials missing from Chitwan National Park.Chitwan National Park has established Crocodile Breeding Center back in 1978  in an effort to save the rapidly dwindling gharial. Despite the hard effort of the park, the numbers of Gharial crocodiles is falling rapidly and now their population is confined to only Read more

The World’s Most Expensive Holiday

A British web company,, has begun marketing world’s most expensive luxury trip on two-year itinerary at the cost of 1 million per couple. This Globe-trotting adventure takes to 962 UNESCO world heritage sites including Egypt’s pyramids, Peru’s Machu Picchu, India’s Taj Mahal and Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley, Sagarmatha National Park, Chitwan National Park and Lumbini-the Read more