Manaslu Ultra: A Race Around Mountain of Spirit

Manaslu Trail Runners 2014 Group Shot

  TRAIL RUNNING Most of us may not have even heard of ‘Trail Running’. So, before we get started on the Manaslu Ultra race, let’s understand a bit more about what this is. Trail running is basically a long race divided into different stages, and takes several days to finish. The special feature of trail Read more

More about Cho Oyu – the sixth highest mountain in the world

Cho Oyu

  “Cho Oyu” is a Tibetan name given to the 6th highest mountain in the world, meaning ‘Turquoise Goddess’.  The mountain is also known as the ‘Mighty Head’ or the ‘God’s Head’. It stands at 8201m and lies between the border of Nepal and Tibet (China). Cho Oyu is considered as more easily accessible and Read more