Telling the Epic Story: Dharhara a World Heritage Site

Recognized as the world heritage site by UNESCO, Dharhara or Bhimsen Stambha is part of the ancient architectures of Kathmandu.  Flaunting the richness of the European deign, the 61.88m tower symbolizes the strength and power of then regime.   Originally constructed in the year 1826 by Bhimsen Thapa, recognized as the first prime minister of Read more

Kathmandu and the City of Kings

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Kathmandu is the city of the kings who nurtured it with their craftsmanship, tradition and culture. The city is a live example of the richness of its cultural heritage which to this day testimonials its legacy. From the living goddess tradition to the architectural wonders of the durbars and temples, the Kathmandu city in-houses some Read more