Dhaulagiri I: The White Mountain in Nepal

Mount Dhaulagiri, Nepal

  Seventh highest peak in the world, Dhaulagiri I stands tall at 8167m high above the clouds in north central Nepal. This mountain massif is the highest mountain entirely situated within the boundary of Nepal. The name Dhaulagiri meaning ‘The White Mountain’, was given for its massive peak covered in snow and ice all year around. Read more

6 Reasons to go for Kangchenjunga trek


Now, if you think you can handle the Kangchenjunga trek, let me tell you ‘why you SHOULD go for Kangchenjunga trek: i)    Less crowded: Unlike main- stream trek routes, approximately, only 500 tourists (presumably the hardcore) visit Kangchenjunga Conservation Area every year. Lucky- if you are a hipster-hardcore! Better go for it before it becomes Read more