Paragliding in Nepal – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The sport of Paragliding involves taking off from hilltops using a kind of modified parachute and harnessing thermals and wind currents to stay aloft and even fly cross country. Basic design of paraglider is based on parachute. However paragliders are designed to also act as gliders and their aerofoil shape gives them lift. Paragliders  travels Read more

Who says age is a limiting factor for adventure – a 94 year old man proves you’re never too old

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Any one who said age is a limiting factor can bite their nails as a 94 year old man attempted paragliding today (i.e. 27th September, 2013). You’re never too old to try new things in life and this man has proved it. You can find the full story in The news is in Nepali but you Read more