Parahawking in Nepal

Who do not have the dream of being one with the air, able to swoop, soar and fly like a falcon, vulture, or an albatross? Since our ancestors first saw birds soaring freely in the sky, they had the dream to fly and for many centuries, they tried to fly just like birds, sometimes with Read more

5 Things you should keep in mind while visiting Nepal

Namaste Nepal

Here are few things you should keep in mind while travelling to Nepal. 1. Nepalese are friendly people No it is not a polite smile, nor is it an obligatory acknowledgement. Nepalese are genuinely happy to see you. Remember, for them you are an object of curiosity. You look and behave differently. So don’t take Read more

Know what to shop and where to shop in Nepal


Nepal is a good place to shop for fine handicrafts including intricate jewelry, traditional hand-woven fabrics, carpets, metal and woodwork items, and of course, the ubiquitous range of quirky kitschy touristy souvenirs peddled at the roadside in tourist destinations the world over.  As trekking is a prime activity, at most of the tourist enclaves you Read more

Gai Jatra- A Culture of its Own

Showcasing different colorful attires with a presence to run the streets, this centuries old festival of Nepal has transformed into a spectacular festival that gives tribute to the dead.  On this day the streets are filled with people who characterize themselves as cows. People of deceased family of all age groups are seen dressed up Read more

Tourism in Nepal

The mystical Himalayan kingdom of Nepal has something unique and extraordinary to offer to its visitors. Each year thousands of visitors visit Nepal where some sightseers come here to trek in the amphitheater of frozen Himalayan peaks while other adrenaline junkies come to endeavor adventure sports. In addition some tourists come here for spiritual bliss Read more

Nepal Tourism Prmotional Tour on West India

With an objective of attracting more tourists from West India, Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), along with Nepal Association of Tour & Travel Agents (NATTA) Regional Association, Pokhara organized Promotional Tour in the prominent Indian cities of Mumbai and Goa. The Nepalese travel trade delegation at the road show comprised of a contingent of about 35 Read more

Things to Do Before Trekking

Trekking is an energy consuming activity that requires high energy, hard work, dedication, persistence and focus. Before starting any trekking there are few things that you must do, they are the basics which helps you to be confident as well as helps you to be spontaneous at times of need. Yes, you need to prepare Read more

Successful Test Flight of Hang Gliding

Two American pilots, Jef Obredan and Jef Sapiro, have successfully conducted test flight of hang gliding in Pokhara on Sunday,  31st March 2013. The test flight was organized by Avia Club . Obreda said, “I glided over tranquil lakes and hollow caves with breathtaking Himalayan scenery on the backdrop. I truly had my best experience Read more

Ziplining Nepal

The most thrilling ride in the longest, highest, fastest and safest zip liner allow all adventure junkies to see the marvelous legendary Himalayas from world’s ‘most extreme’ mountain zip-slide. Plunging at the speeds of over 160 Kmph, fighting with the powerful wind, and landing in the lap of nature releases all your stress and gives Read more