Arniko Skateboards: Action Sport Meets Traditional Art!


  Arniko Skateboards, founded in 2007 is the brainchild of Marius Arniko Arter, Nepali-born Swiss National, together with his co-manager, James Carson, Australian graphics designer, produce hand-carved skateboards using traditional carving techniques in Nepal. This unique venture employs skills of the local wood-carving artisans and helps to preserve and promote the traditional wood-carving of Nepal Read more

Kathmandu and the City of Kings

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Kathmandu is the city of the kings who nurtured it with their craftsmanship, tradition and culture. The city is a live example of the richness of its cultural heritage which to this day testimonials its legacy. From the living goddess tradition to the architectural wonders of the durbars and temples, the Kathmandu city in-houses some Read more

Backpack to Kathmandu

The valley which was once, as is famously believed (with substantial evidence), a huge lake. Drained by Manjushree, the valley still worships the serpents that resided the city. Thus, in an ambience of myths and magic, formed Kathmandu. The city was once a powerful kingdom with the rulers squabbling (which we are now thankful for) Read more