Trekking in Nepal: General advice for beginners

Trekking in Nepal

When it comes to trekking in Nepal, many believe it to be the task for the adventurous souls and wanderers. With over 30 trekking routes and increasing, excluding the side strips, Nepal has plenty to offer. Trekking in Nepal can be both easy and difficult, depending on the route, the age and fitness level. If Read more

Trekking In Nepal: Clothing & Gear List

Trekking Nepal

Trekking in Nepal means being subjected to the harsh environment of the Himalayas, so trekkers who wish to see these great giants up-close need to be well prepared. There are few things that trekkers can equip themselves with to be prepared for the challenge ahead. In the clothing and gears department, smart choices need… Read more

7 Reasons for Rara Lake Trek

There is no qualm about the majestic beauty held by Rara Lake. It’s not only the largest lake in Nepal but its sheer pull is undeniable despite its remoteness. Trekking in Nepal is an adventure and Rara Lake trekking is not any easy one as the district it is in i.e. Mugu, is one of the least developed Read more

Trekker’s Nightmare in Nepal: Leeches – the overly attached blood sucking creepy cuties!


What do you expect to take away from trekking! Well, I’m not asking for a reply here because it doesn’t concern me. But, whatever it is, I guess it’s something that’s needed and I hope that it gets fulfilled. Opposite to which, there are certain things that you might encounter. Things that are not needed Read more

5 trekking routes in Nepal still restricted to foreigners


With serene mountains, rusty villages and breathtaking views, Nepal is trekkers’ paradise whether it’s for popular trekking regions of Annapurna and Everest or off the beat paths. Though, there are certain restricted trekking routes that exist in Nepal like the Walunchung Gola, Rolwaling and the route to Nangpa La in Khumbu. The reasons of restriction Read more

Tea-house trekking in Nepal

tea house trekking

Like everyone else, I love to walk through some of the most charming countryside areas in the world, under the canopy of icy white glittering mountains. But, the only thing I hate about camping trek is sleeping in a cold and lonely tent. Yes, Yes, I know! Regular Camping treks are not lonesome. In fact, Read more

Permits and Trekking in Nepal


Hosting 8 out of 10 highest peaks including the highest peak Mt. Everest does boast a sense of pride for Nepal. Trekking is the most popular reason people flock to Nepal, it does have some rules and regulations that you must follow before you trek in Nepal. Usually the trekking packages signed with the agencies Read more