The move towards better environment and the cycling craze in Kathmandu

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On Oct 3rd, 2013, to mark the international day of a girl child, a cycle rally named “Innovating for Girls’ Education” was organized by Cycle City Network Nepal (CCNN). Despite the rain there were hundreds of girls that participated in the rally. Even little girls from school were happy to be a part of this event. It just shows that when you have a good intention in your heart there are good outcomes.

girls rally

The rally started around 8 AM from Kathmandu Durbar Square and ended at Patan Durbar Square, concluding the 5-6 KMs ride. I was happy to be a part of it and I also got a jersey for participating in the cause. This is a small movement for the education of girls. Nepal, being an underdeveloped country, has its fair share of problems related to gender inequality. One of the most focused issues is securing the education rights for girls in the remote areas. I just hope that this event creates at least some amount of, if not enough, awareness for the campaign.

cycle rally 1

cycle rally 2

The cycling craze seems to be picking up in Kathmandu. This is not the first cycling rally and there are more of such events happening in and around the Kathmandu Valley. In fact, to inaugurate the first cycling route in Kathmandu from Maitighar to Tinkune, we have another event on 6th October, 2013 – “Cycling for Better Mobility and Liveable City”. Various high profile organizations are collaborating to organize this event on what also happens to be the World Habitat Day. This event intends to raise public awareness on the importance and benefits of cycling.

World Habitat Day

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It is always nice to see that people are taking initiatives for a better environment. Cycling may be the answer to our problems of pollution in Kathmandu. With the recent construction of better roads and the ongoing petrol price hike in the world, this is the best alternative. Facts like, the rain not being able to stop the girls from joining the rally, high profile organizations getting involved in cycling events, cycling events happening 2-3 times a month – I say bring on the cycling craze! Cheers to the good health of Mother Nature and for a better environment overall!

The move towards better environment and the cycling craze in Kathmandu
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