The worlds most extreme Zip Flyer in Pokhara, Nepal

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Every human has a dream to fly. Everyone has a dream to feel the wind swooping between the mountains with a bird’s eye view of the earth. The good news is you do not need wings or magic shoe to enjoy the excitement of flying. For those who have a fantasy of flying, Zip flyer can rush your adrenaline.


What is a Zip Flyer?

Zip Flyer, also known as Zip Line, is a pulley suspended on a steel cable attached to towers or tress with certain inclination which allows a person to ride along it. The rider, who sits on a zip line trolley, can reach up to the speed of 160 km/hr depending on his weight and the angle of inclination between the towers. Zip lines have brakes controlled by the rider which allows them to slow down as they reach the end.

Zip Flyer is popularly used as a means of entertainment and vacation activities. Short and low Zip Lines are installed in children playgrounds. Long and high lines are installed in remote and mountainous areas for thrill-seeking trekkers and travelers.


Zip Flyer in Pokhara – World’s Most Extreme Zip Line

zip-flyer-NepalPokhara is one of the best places in the world to experience the fear and excitement of Zip Flyer. With the total distance of 1.80 km (1.12 mi), a vertical height of 610 m (2000 ft) and a maximum speed of 120 km/hr (75 mph), Zip Flyer in Pokhara from ZipFlyer Nepal is the world’s steepest, tallest and fastest zip line. One of the world’s most extreme Zip Flyers, Zip Flyer in Pokhara offers an amazing amalgamation of adventure, thrill and excitement with high standard safety.

Your zip flying experience starts after you reach Sarangkot village of Pokhara. This small village provides you a breathe-taking view of majestic Annapurna and Machhapuchhre Himalayan Range and the Pokhara city. The launch pad is located at the top of the village. Wait for your turn enjoying the scenic beauty of nature and the coffee by a local café for only two riders go at a time. Be ready to get carried by the wind. After almost two minutes of thrilling Zip ride above a dense forest, you land on the village of Hemja, a Tibetan refugee camp. Relax your nerves on multi-cuisine restaurant and visit the souvenir shop to take a memento of your journey back home. You can purchase your zip flying video and pictures at the souvenir shop.


Zip Flyer Pokhara- Restrictions

  • The riders must weigh between 35 and 125 kg (75 and 275 pounds) and should be above 14 years of age.
  • The participant should not have symptoms of Acrophobia (fear when exposed to heights).
  • Individuals with back or neck problems are discouraged.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed for the ride.

Zip Flyer cost in Nepal

  • For Nepali citizens – Rs 3,890
  • For Foreign tourists – Rs 5,890
The worlds most extreme Zip Flyer in Pokhara, Nepal
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