Things to Do Before Trekking

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Trekking is an energy consuming activity that requires high energy, hard work, dedication, persistence and focus. Before starting any trekking there are few things that you must do, they are the basics which helps you to be confident as well as helps you to be spontaneous at times of need. Yes, you need to prepare /shortlist your things that you will need during the trekking.   One thing that you have to understand is Trekking is not a calculative event/program, it is an unconditional program that is highly affected by various elements like climate, time, situation, natural calamity etc so the first thing one should be prepare for is uncertainty and  situation. You just have to be fully prepared for the coming.

Trekking is considered high energy draining activity so one has to be physically fit as well as need to hydrate constantly during the trip, so be well prepared for sweat and heat.

Generally during the trekking, all equipment and other items are carried by the porters. It is only necessary for you to carry a camera or small daypack, but one have to understand that trekking is not a solo activity. It is something of a team that needs proper coordination and team work so helping your guides and porter is always the best way to be friends and to know more about the place and region.

Prior trekking always do a research and search for blogs searching clues and regarding the health hazards, priorities, cultural oops, dos and don’ts .

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The following is a list of clothing and accessories that are recommended. This is not intended to be a comprehensive clothing and equipment list, rather it is intended to act as a reminder of those items that we feel are essential for your comfort and convenience. However personal preferences for clothing and equipment can shortlisted be which may be equally as suitable.

Before trekking always let your guide know about any physical conditions or deformity that may intrude during the trekking at times such condition can be life threatening due to small negligence.

-Trekking or running comfortable shoes- Make yourself comfortable with the shoes
-Sandals (lodge) – Gripped anti slip
-Some pair of trekking socks

-Warm jacket,
-Hiking pants
-Pile jacket
-Sun hat
-Some pair of shorts
-Fleece Jacket

- 1 medium sized quick drying towel
- Tooth brush/paste (preferably biodegradable)
- Multipurpose soap (preferably biodegradable)
- Deodorants
- Nail clippers
- Face and body moisturizer
- Feminine hygiene products

Personal Hygiene
-Wet wipes (baby wipes)
-Anti bacterial hands wash
-Sleeping bag (can be hired in Kathmandu and Pokhara)

-Sunscreen lotion
-Sun glass, lip bam
-Mosquito repellent for Chitwan
-Personal medicines (Most)

Other equipments
-Day bag pack
-Trekking Poles
-Water bottle
-Head Torch

-Reading book
-Trail Map/Guide book
-Journal & Pen
-Pencils and small notebooks
-Travel game i.e. chess, backgammon, scrabble
-Swimming customs (for Kathmandu)

MUST HAVE: Always have a small knife; some useful medicine, a match box, compass and a detail map of the region. Please do not carry a knife during travelling, you might have a problem in customs due to security reasons. You can always buy one in Kathmandu or major city area.

Things to Do Before Trekking
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