Third International TATTO Convention to Start this Week

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The third international Tattoo Convention, the festival of inking and getting inked, is going to be held at Yak and Yeti Hotel on Friday April 26. This 3 days tattoo event is hosted by the world Nepal Tattoo Pvt Ltd  along with MOHAN’S Tattoo Inn and Mu’az Entertainment.

“There are 70 national and international tattoo artists in the fest. It is a golden opportunity for them to network and promote tattoo as an art,” said Bijay Shrestha, Director of mu’az entertainment.

“It is the best time to get inked and tattooed by professionals,” he further explained.


The fest also offers entertainment, face melting performances from the best local and national bands, jaw dropping suspension shows, Nepalese folk music concert, art and handicraft booths, and tattoo accessories booths!

Third International TATTO Convention to Start this Week
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